Do you consider education level when hiring employees?

Do you consider education level when hiring employees if you own a small business? With the plethora of knowledge available for certain lines of work on the internet, it seems like someone without a college degree or even a high school diploma could be more qualified for the task. Please let us know what your business entails and what your thoughts are. Thanks.

  • I'm a co-director of the IT department for a social services non-profit. I look at education levels when I hire but it only plays a small part in my evaluation of a potential IT staff. We mainly look at their social skills, communication skills, and ability to learn technology. Experience and education are a bonus for us. If someone is a good learner and has good communication and social skills, we would hire them over someone who is technically compliment but does not have good communication and social skills.

  • I consider capabilities, not education.

  • no, references and character are most important to me

  • Yes. If long hours are needed for grinding through some code, I will need someone willing to start off running with the group. They will get burned out quickly with just a new degree, but they will have a level place to start. History, work ethic, work experience, interests, stability, confidence are important and considered in lieu of a degree, based on the position such as, helpdesk/desktop, admin, or IA\IS.  Supervisory and management need to show continued personal growth with a higher degree.  Without it, it isn't fair to the company, staff or customer to have a less prepared representative and just assume that they may figure it out. Just My take.

  • YES, Our applications require a high school diploma or equivalent because of the work we do.

  • No. I am a former Captain of a commercial fishing vessel, & what is required of someone who wishes to become a "fisherman" (man or woman) is the willingness to listen to instructions & work hard & long! Your education will come as you work, & the harder you work, the faster you will progress. The first thing you must learn is "Safety!"