How can you help your team prevent burnout?

Show of hands: Who's finding 2024 relentlessly busy so far?

So many professionals I've talked to are overwhelmed with work. Every time they think they can breathe easy, something else comes along that takes that breath away. My own deadlines are crunched tight together and across our shared home office, my spouse is also juggling too many projects and deadlines.

If you're leading a team that's feeling overwhelmed, I've gathered some ideas for how you can help them. Head over to the Learn section of our community to read "From Burnout to Thriving: A Leader's Guide to Improving Employee Wellbeing in Midsized Companies."

Let me know how you're helping your team beat the relentless vibe of 2024! 

  • I always look forward to the day no matter how much work there is to be completed or what new discoveries fall into my lap. Seize the day! I remember when I was not so lucky.

  • The day there's nothing more to look forward to is the day to quit.

  • We certainly can.

    We need to consider our collaborators as persons who are helping us with our business. Who have their own goals. 

    If we can help them with their own goals, they will do the same for us.

    For sure, it is easier in small businesses. we can instaure this reflection in big businesses with the help of different managers.

  • I agree, Assia, that it's harder in large companies. More managers need to put their teams first and work with other managers to balance everyone's needs. It's doable, but it's a taller order. SMBs for the win!

  • Work hard, play hard.  Only work when there is work to do.  No busy work or clock watching, if you can get your work done in five or six hours, by all means make it happen. 

    Best way to avoid burnout - manage your time and don't be busy for the sake of being busy.  I think burnout happens when you have bad management that increases stress or tosses eggshells in the workplace making everyone tense.  That's a toxic environment, it would be healthier to start searching for another job.

  • In the past, the only thing that would really burn me out was long commutes. But thankfully, I've mostly been working remotely now, so commuting is no longer an issue.

  • I love my work and find it hard to stop once I am on a roll.  I do need to break away before getting burned out, so I find other things to look forward to so that I can get off the computer.  Right now gardening is that thing for me.  That helps get me into a more relaxed head space.

  • I am a natural "creature of habit" so I do not tend to burn out. You have to keep your eye on the prize, which is maintaining the profitability of your operation. If you are self employed you may get tired of the everyday tasks, but ultimately you should be energized every morning when you start working to continue to grow your business.

  • I need to read this article.. we are having some challenging times in the office and can easily get sucked in to the circlar drain conversations.. but talking about it in a way to find constructive solution to the little things can aid in less burnout