Switching Employer

We all reach a point sometimes in our career where we want to switch to a new organization.

If you ever made that decision, please share your though process.

What do you keep in consideration when switching from one company to another in the same line of carrer.

  • Great question Danny and one that we don't talk enough about sometimes. Excited to see the responses here! Thank you for asking! 

    What has your experience been?

  • If the overall quality of life at my workplace isn't better than or equal to the compensation I'm getting, then it's time for a change. Also, if I've been at a company for at least a year and see no chance in moving upwards or receiving a pay increase, then I would also think twice in terms of whether it's worth it for me to stay in the long run. Other deciding factors include whether I can generally agree with a company's mission statement, leadership, ethics, and treatment towards its employees.