If you were giving a presentation, what would you discuss?

If you were giving a presentation, what would you discuss?

  • How much time is appropriate to change electronic equipment and put underneath, the topic of global electronic waste

  • How there really has not been new ideas in the computer technology field but rather recycled ideas that are now feasible because of lower costs of memory, storage, compute as well bandwidth.

  • For me I would say gaming or being a gaming content creator.  Something that I currently spend alot of time doing and also enjoy!

  • I edit books if that's something of interest. 

  • Hmm, maybe what goes into the translation process and understanding how translation and localization work together to meet case-by-case needs.

  • That sounds like it would be interesting.

  • I would talk about the importance of having a strong work ethic.  One of the reasons I went into business for myself was my frustration with people who do the minimal amount of work that is required to keep their job. I always liken it to a person who stands still on an escalator. A person who walks up an escalator is a person who wants to get where they are going and is willing to put in extra effort to get their sooner. A person who stands there waiting for the escalator to get them to the top is a person who is less likely to put in any extra effort beyond what is absolutely necessary.

  • we could begin with why it's not okay to drive with a cellphone but its cute/okay to have a lap dog in-hand whilst driving?

  • I would present about the similarities of dynamism between the Computer and human mind