AMD vs. Intel

A hotly debated topic - if you had the choice between a machine with AMD or Intel chip, what would you pick? Why? 

Drop a vote and a comment below to fuel the debate! 

  • From the little I know, AMD seems to be fighting harder to pick up market share than Intel. They seem to have great chips at lower prices.

  • I've always had Intel chips, partly by inertia and because of poor AMD support from PC vendors. However, from everything I read,current AMD chips are simply better and support is better, so my next laptop is likely to be AMD.

  • Intel. Because it's not Amdahl. Because I am old and history matters.

  • Intel Because it is thé one i know 

  • Intel, just because the history of reliability with AMD has not been great, even though I think that is changing, and the newer AMD are pretty good

  • AMD for sure, the 7950x3d plus 7900XTX is just going to get better with age.

  • It depends...

    For laptops, I like Intel, I believe they have better power-saving techniques so you can have better battery life. I heard AMD is catching up to Intel but about two years ago, Apple dropped a bombshell in the industry with their M1 processor that used a fraction of the power with similar performance to what Intel and AMD had. I heard Intel is trying to put similar technologies into their CPUs. I guess we will see what happens. Currently, all the laptops I have in my inventory is 95% Intel, 4% AMD, and 3 Intel-based Apple MacBook Airs & Pro. I prefer having the same so drivers will be similar.

    For general-use desktops, it doesn't matter for Intel or AMD. Our organization does not have many desktops, I guess about 8% of our computers are desktops. The only time I would go AMD hands-down for a desktop would be a performance-oriented computer system like our video workstation.

    On the server front, I really like the AMD Epyc processors, they are lower power and have more cores compared to a similarly priced Intel Xeon CPU. My last two server purchases have been AMD CPUs.

  • Funny I was just having this conversation with some friends within the last couple of months because I was looking into getting a new computer.  I am still learning between both but I ended up getting a computer with an AMD chip and I am really liking it so far and seems to be performing well.  From what i hear they are both pretty comparable

  • I have no preference. As long as it functions, I am fine with either.