ThinkPad P1 Gen5

Is the 230W power adapter, 4X20E75111, compatible as an extra adapter for the above laptop. It requires the 230W power as I was using the Hybrid USB-C docking station's 135W adapter, which created an error message, inadequate power. 

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  • Hi   Great question. While I am not the most technical resource, I can point you to the place you can find answers! 

    We have an accessory compatibility finder that will help you see what's compatible with your ThinkPad P1 Gen 5 -

    Meanwhile, I couldn't find the power adaptor part number you mentioned for some reason! (4X20E75111). But hopefully that helps a bit?

  •  , what kind of connector does your computer have? Based off the PSREF page, it looks like the P1 Gen 5 is powered through a separate rectangular power port and not through either Thunderbolt port. And based off the shop page, it looks like the power adapter is determined by your graphics card needs, among other things. So using the 135W adapter if your model needs 230W due to the graphics card would definitely create a power deficit.

    What you want is any of the following part numbers: 02DL142, 02DL143, 02DL144. The link takes you to Encompass, the official replacement parts distributor in the U.S. for Lenovo.

    The part you referenced, 4X20E75111, is for an older version first released in 2014. There are no guarantees from Lenovo that this will work with your P1 Gen 5 - that would be a chance you'd have to take if you wanted to go that route.

  • Thank you for the help   Your advice is amazing and I highly recommend it