Top tips for buying a new laptop?

Whether you are shopping for a new laptop, keeping an eye on the market or just want to learn more about laptop technology, staying informed about the choices available will help greatly in pairing you with the right laptop. 

Since there are SO many options available, we thought we would share this handy guide for buying a new laptop and ask you for your top tips.

An overview of the guide above is all about answering the following questions:

  1. What's inside?
  2. What's outside?
  3. What's it being used for?
  4. What goes well with it?

So, what are your top considerations and tips when browsing for or buying a new laptop?

Please share below!

  • Definitely make sure it has 16GB of RAM

  • At least. More if you want to future-proof it.

  • At least. More if you want to future-proof it.

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