What model do you have? Do you like it?

I am always curious as to what laptop models others are using and what features they like best!

So what are you using? How did you chose it? How long have you had it and what do you like most/least about it?

  • T14 AMD Gen 1 R7. Opted for this after some research. Pro: excellent CPU, 8 cores/16 threads. Con: The screen. Wish it was crispier. It is a low power 400 nits screen which is great. Still...

  • Lenovo Flex 5-1540. My favorite laptop EVER!! Still going very strong almost 3 years after purchasing it new.

  • Still rocking the X240! I chose it because it was on sale and fit my budget - which was probably not the best of choices at the time, as I probably should have splurged for the then-released X250 if I had known I'd be using this machine 7+ years later. That being said, I love it to pieces still and am loathed to "upgrade" to a newer machine and lose the ability to tinker as I will (soldered memory ruining anyone else's tinkering game?). That said, I've made some new adjustments (2- to 3-button TrackPad and better display) which have helped it weather the years and even grow on me a bit. I'll be sorry to see it go, but it's still chugging along.

  • T490 w 16Gb RAM, touch screen and fingerprint reader.  I also cut my teeth on ThinkPads - can't work without the track ball in the center of the keypad. Saving grace for my productivity. Hate track pads, I always disable them. Never use a mouse, wastes too much time going back and forth - plus, they don't in any way accommodate 'lap' work.

    Can't LIVE productively without the Lenovo Auto Scroll Utility... !!  If you haven't tried it, you MUST if you constantly work in multiple windows or programs --->  If you push a window off to the side somewhat, work on the one behind it, then are ready to go back to the first one, all you have to do is bring that 1st window back into the foreground (though it's still pushed to the side) ... then move your mouse across it in the direction that you pushed it aside in the first place, and it 'auto-moves back' to the center of the screen.  Brilliant~!!!  (gfvv33ww.exe is a Lenovo download, not included in Windows)   I hope Lenovo always makes it available.  

    I love my camera cover also - a purple Post-It.

  • I have Lenovo Yoga C940 14". I like that it is a 2-in-1 & touch screen. very convenient to use in many different scenarios.

  • X1 Carbon is a brilliant laptop. First of all, it is so light in weight. I can take this laptop wherever I want, because it is only 2.5 lb weight, and it doesn't acquire a lot of energy to carry it. Besides, the battery is strong. It will take me 10 hours to use up the battery. The X1 screen is vibrant and is able to display the smallest detail clearly. The key pad is the best I have ever used and I am happy that Lenovo still has a trackpoint.  X1 is very, very durable and very fast. I use it every single day. I look forward to the next five years working with my new X1.

  • I've been using a Thinkpad T480 since 2019. It was the most affordable T4xx series laptop when I bought it. I'm always looking first at a Thinkpad T series laptop when replacing an old one, since they are generally very reliable. I appreciate that the size and weight are going down with every generation, while performance goes up, and durability stays the same.

    The keyboard performs very well, the power management has options to increase battery life/health (not charging to 100%), the cooling is well controlled. I like that it has two memory sockets available to increase the RAM amount when needed. Charging with a USB-C cable from a 60W charger is very convenient.

    I would prefer a display with higher brightness (at least 400 nits), but that option is quite expensive. The trackpad has become less sensitive recently, which is unexpected.

  • I have a thinkstation p520c, I picked it because I wanted something powerful that could grow with me. The expandable memory had me sold. I do desperately need a laptop though because the only thing I don't like about it is that it isn't portable. My laptop is old and it was cheap. It's a lenovo but.... Definitely a reject....its an ideapad 14 I think and it's been sooooo slow since I bought it. 

  • I am using a custom built desktop, but would love to have a Lenovo laptop some day for myself, I service dozens of thinkpad laptops for work