What model do you have? Do you like it?

I am always curious as to what laptop models others are using and what features they like best!

So what are you using? How did you chose it? How long have you had it and what do you like most/least about it?

  • Phone support is great, shipping it to the depot is the down fall.  The depot was fantastic when it was still in Memphis. When they moved to Houston it went down hill. I just wanted to clarify in case people from Lenovo are reading this.  I have no problem with the phone support people at all.  

  • I am a software developer for several decades and have used Thinkpads for a couple of them now. Our software runs on Red Hat Linux and Thinkpads have always been very accepting of current releases of Fedora and CentOS.  So accepting, in fact, that I have been suspicious that the Linux developers use them (ha, ha).  I am currently using: X280 (Fedora 33), X260 (CentOS 7.8), and X240 (W10).  No VM's just install the OS's on each one as the only system

    As far as printers I use Xerox Workcenter at the office and HP 4630 wirelessly at home with both Linux & W10

    Also, no problems ever using cell phone hot spot with both Linux & W10

  • thinkpad its okay woulf rather a touchscreen

  • What are everyone's thoughts on Yoga X1 vs Carbon X1?

  • Carbon X1.  Granted its be a while since I have used a Yoga nameplate by Lenovo, but the Carbon's seem to have a high build quality.

  • We have a few Yoga X1's that have help up pretty well to our daily "abuse" over the last 4 years.  Our nurses use them for charting and they are constantly being changed from tablet to laptop mode throughout the day. We require the Yoga format so I have not experience with the Carbon.   

  • I have a C13 Yoga Thinkpad(Chromebook)  Heart eyes

  • I have Ideapad S340. The best thing I like is the backlit keyboard, physical camera cover and slim bezels.

  • I have a T15p ThinkPad and also a L480 20LS ThinkPad. I mainly use my T15p just because I love the keypad. Its a great laptop and handles all the programs I use for work with ease.