What model do you have? Do you like it?

I am always curious as to what laptop models others are using and what features they like best!

So what are you using? How did you chose it? How long have you had it and what do you like most/least about it?

  • T15 is a good choice! And awesome keyboard!

  •  I'm spoilt as I do Linux enablement on a lot of our platforms and so get to play with a lot of them :) My experiences are skewed by how well Linux runs on them but I tend to work my systems pretty hard

    My goto daily driver is the P1 series. Currently on the P1G3 and my only complaint is the fans seem to be over enthusiastic (working with the firmware/thermal team on that one). Otherwise it handles everything I throw at it really well without any complaints.

    I use the X1 Carbon series quite a bit over the last few years. From a work point of view it can get a bit bogged down with multiple displays, doing linux kernel builds (can be CPU intensive) and video calls at the same time - but it keeps going and it's a really nice piece of HW. Having 32G RAM on the X1C9 is great. Love the hires screen too

    I recently started using the X1 Nano as my 'watch netflix on the sofa in the evening' system. Really like it - screen is a bit small for my normal usage (13") but it's a really nice piece of HW with great performance. I hadn't paid it much attention and it's surprised me.

    - I'm very fond of my T14 G1 AMD. Been using it as the family system for doing online classes for the kids and it's a solid system for developing on. From a Linux point of view it doesn't play nice with my thunderbolt dock or monitor so doesn't get as much use as it would otherwise which is a shame. It's given me a few Linux support headaches but I still love it.

    - A shout out for the M90n. Amazing tiny device that I have hooked up to the TV and with an external drive hanging of it that I use as a home media center (running Lychee as a photo server and Plex for media). That thing has been up and running for forever just doing it's thing.


  • I have a P53 with the 9th gen Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GPU. It has been a great system, and I have been using it for about 18 months now. I upgraded from an X1 because while it was a decent system, it couldn't handle what I was throwing at it. We also have some ThinkPad E15 systems here, and the only issue we have had with those is finding a dock that will actually work with them. 

  • I have a 2nd Gen X1 Yoga with an OLED display. Sad to say, its beautiful display is starting to fail. I've ordered a Gen 9 X1 Carbon with a 3840x2400 display. Unfortunately, it is taking a l-o-n-g time to arrive. I ordered it on June 18, 2021, but the expected delivery has been fluctuating wildly since then. The order status screen currently says it should arrive by December 3. Perhaps someone here can tell me if it is worth the wait.

  • Hey Louis,

    Gen 9 X1 Carbon with 3840x2400 shows Ships in 4+ Months. I'm sure this message was there also on Jun 18, when you have ordered it. So, it really can be December - because, unfortunately, 4+ not equal just 4. But I'm sure Lenovo will try to do their best.

  • Well, the first expected delivery date was January 27, 2022. It then fluctuated. Variously it has been August 2, September 3, and now December 3. And, yes, I knew when I ordered that there would be a delay. As I said, I'm hoping that it proves to be worth the wait. That's what I'm banking on . . . .

  • Model I'm using:

    ThinkPadT14 AMD R7 Gen 1.


    How I chose it:

    Did some research. It's a work device. Had to have the right balance of portability, power and expandability.


    Like Most:

    The CPU. Very capable. AMD Ryzen 7 Pro.


    Like Least:

    The screen. Wish it was better. It's OK really. I mean, it is a low-power 1080p screen, and so the battery lasts longer, etc., still...

  • I have a Yoga 910 13" 512 SSD, a great laptop that still works as new...but I looking at replacing it though not sure what to get this time...any recommendations?

  • You have a pretty cool laptop & you do not need to replace it - current versions have very similar functionality (my opinion only).

  • What sorts of things do you plan to do with your replacement laptop?