What model do you have? Do you like it?

I am always curious as to what laptop models others are using and what features they like best!

So what are you using? How did you chose it? How long have you had it and what do you like most/least about it?

  • I have a T495 S ThinkPad laptop and I really enjoy it. I love how slim and portable it is and how smooth the keys are. I also love my built-in video camera cover!

  • I manage the computers for a surgery center.  We currently have 38 Thinkpad Yoga's.  We started out with the Yoga X1 2nd gen, we also have a few of the 3rd gen X1.  We switched over to the L380s due to the smaller size.  We have several of the 380s, 390s and the L13s.  We chose those computers because of the 2-in-1 functionality along with the pen garage.  Our nurses use these to chart patient records and our charts are setup like paper charts.  They use the stylus to navigate through the charts and make notes on the patient status. We tried a couple of computers from a competitor, but switched back because they do not have the pen garage.  There are lots of companies with 2-in-1 computers but very few with the pen garage, which is a critical design feature for us.  I do wish the battery life was better.  The two computers that we have from the competitor are similar in size to the L13, but have a better battery life.  

  • I personally have the X1 Extreme. For others its various generations of the X1 carbon. Some of the benefits with Lenovo in general is the support. We have had some issues in the past and they came next day to repair with minimal down time. I am considering the Nano to supplement the X1E for moving around.

  • So-oo-oo-o, I finally had to trash my Thinkpad last year because the operating system was no longer supported and it was too old to upgrade the operating system.  I had to go with a brand X; ASUS.  Hurt me to my heart because I cut my teeth on Thinkpads.  Waiting until my revenue stream goes up so that I can reward myself with another Thinkpad. :-)

  • I have always found their phone support to be excellent.  Since they moved the repair depot to Houston it has been awful.  You cannot get any type of communication from the depot at all.  I have even had phone support tell me that they get no response from the depot.  I now purchase the onsite support so I can avoid the deport all together.  

  • Yes the onsite support is worth it, they just show up and fix the issue. I can imagine phone support being a hassle and time consuming.

  • Wow# great to know about the device you use. 

  • I use lenovo Legion 5. Its a very good gaming laptop. With amazing specs ranging from graphics card to Ram to ssd

  • I currently have an IdeaPad L340. It was chosen by my boss, but he failed to realize that it didn't have a touch screen. That would be my major change on the next model I get. The only real problem that I have is wireless communication. I try to use my I-Phone for a hotspot when I have connectivity issues with my Xfinity wi-fi. It never picks up the I-Phone hotspot unless I direct connect via USB. I also occasionally have issues with my wireless printer. Anyone else have similar issues? I like it's portability and has many strong points, but this seems to be a weak spot. I agree Beth, that the video cam cover is a big plus!

    Thanks, Joe

  • Have you run the Lenovo Vantage app to make sure everything is updated?    I do love the Vantage app for keeping things up to date.