Is it worth getting an SSD laptop?

Is it worth getting an SSD laptop?

  •  Everything is faster and easier with an SSD (solid state drive) – booting up, loading programmes, switching between tasks. 

    SSD is a type of storage that replaces the traditional – and some would say clunky – hard drive.

  • Less storage (for the money) yet quicker access. The value of SSD is in the eye of the beholder, but for most uses, probably worth it. 

  • If you can, get one with SSD and conventional hard drive. Have boot put on the SSD for faster start up, and other drive for most everything else. 

  • Lenovo makes it easy to upgrade as well. You can always pick one up an SSD at amazon and swap it.

  • Yeah. Its definitely worth getting a SSD laptop if speed is your prime priority. Although expensive, its faster and helps u become productive

  • That sounds like a great way to go. Thanks!

  • That price difference is well worth it to most users, especially if the SSD is aftermarket.   Prices have fallen so substantially, and their performance is so much better that I would say only in the very rare instance that you need to store a lot of data, that you will rarely access, would a spinning drive be arguably better than an SSD for most users.    Spinning disks fail far more often,  are orders of magnitude slower in both read and write performance, and are both heavier, and more easy to damage than SSDs.    So if you are storing mostly backups and old photos, you might, on a budget opt for the cheaper spinning hard drive, almost every user is going to benefit from the advantages of an SSD, especially with the newer M.2/NVME form factor.   I might opt for a spinning disk on my 6TB backup drive, as SSDs are still too pricey there, but even then I might consider SSD as the price has come down so much.

  • SSD (especially in the new M.2 form factor) worth their money in full - they speed up any laptop/PC.
  • I forgot to mention that more than 10 years in a row I used only ssd in my laptops only ssd - first one was Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB and it was awesome that time :)

  • I believe the SSD drive is so worth it.  Loading up and switching between application is a cinch!