What's your computer rec for GIS analysis?

What's your computer rec for geographic information system (GIS) analysis? I'm curious if there are any other map makers out there and what models you suggest for GIS work!

  • I am not a map maker so I don't speak from experience.  I did some reading on ArcGIS and it appears to rely much more on the processor and RAM than it does the graphics card.  I would look at something with an I7 or I9 processor and a minimum of 32GB of RAM.  

  • If you are looking at laptops, look at the ThinkPad T series or ThinkPad P series. I've used the P series for CAD (AutoCAD and Microstation). I've used it to browse and look up info on ArcGIS but not creating or modifying.

    Ray is correct on getting a fast processor and tons of RAM. The P series can go up to 128GB of RAM if you need that much. Lenovo makes the ThinkStation P series desktops. Both the P-series laptops and desktops are ISV certified to run design and analysis applications like GIS. Take a look at Lenovo's ISV Certification page to help find a device that is certified to run your GIS app. ISV Certifications | Think Workstations