What do you love being able to do because of your "My Lenovo"?

What do you love being able to do with your Lenovo Laptop - ThinkPad, Legion, Yoga, ThinkBook, and more?

I'd love to surface much more of your creativity and passion about your Lenovo in more materials from Lenovo - on the website, in social media, in special videos and much more!

So can you tell me what you love being able to do with "My Lenovo"?

  • I run modeling and simulation software. The dedicated GPU in my Thinkpad helps me do that

  • I love creating content with AI! Tongue Twisters to improve pronunciation. Tools used HeyGen, Jasper.ai Lenovo, and Grammarly. 


  • I currently have a Yoga 7i, Yoga 9i, and a Legion 7i. I love traveling with my Yoga 7i because it's so lightweight and easy to check through airport security. I also love gaming and game development on my Legion 7i.

    I was previously a longtime user of Toshiba, but they have since stopped producing laptops. When my last one finally needed to be replaced, I did a ton of research and the Legion 7i with RTX 3080 definitely seemed like my best option at the time. I'm so glad I went with Lenovo as I've been so satisfied with both the Lenovo line of products and its online communities as well. I also recently converted both my nephew and mom over to Lenovo and they also love their laptops as well.

    And I'll just say that although I received multiple Emmy nominations in the past for creative work I did on my Toshibas, I won my first Emmy after switching over to Lenovo...

  • I like doing finances & excel sheets ( personal) on my Yoga.. I also am using it to learn more about graphics skills for content generation and posting..  ( I agree, traveling with my yoga is easy as well.. 

  • One of the primary benefits of Lenovo is that it provides the same performance as other brands,  but at a better value.  Computers are basically all the same at this point, so it doesn't make much sense to pay a premium for a brand that does not offer anything performance wise that justifies that price.

  • I travel with my Yoga 730, perform my massive computations on my ThinkStation, and love my Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 dock.  Makes for a wonderful combination, especially when they are all tied together with Microsoft 365, OneDrive and Teams.  All my files where and when I need them.

  • I mean, hard for me to say because I have used Lenovo solely for soooo many years now, both personally and professionally.
    I won't bash on any another vendors, but I've probably used every one out there over my 20 years in IT and use Lenovo gear at home and work for good reason ;)

  • I really love my Thinkpad T14s because it is lightweight and powerful.

  • The flexibility of the Yoga laptops with the built in stylus is perfect for how we work, no other manufacturer offers anything like it.  

  • The stylus was the differentiation point for me in buying a Yoga as well.