Computer/keyboard hack you couldn't live without

What is one computer or keyboard "hack" that once discovered, you couldn't live without?

  • Windows key + L to lock your account when walking away from the PC.

    Or Windows key + P for presentations

  • CTRL + ENTER for sending emails in Gmail or Outlook.

  • control, alt delete.  It really helps when my computer used to freeze because it's memory is too slow and small.

  • Window+D to minimize all windows. But keyboard shortcuts in general.

  • Swapping the Control and Function key in the BIOS.

  • The keyboard on my desktop does not have a sleep button, so Windows+X followed by U and then S puts my computer to sleep very quickly. 

  • Windows key + M (minimize all windows), +K (to cast my screen wirelessly), +P (to project across connected monitors).

    For browsers, Ctrl+T to open a new tab, Ctrl+W to close the current tab. 

  • Win+Shift+S...for screen cropping...PrtSc does that now my messenger

  • The tried and true CTRL+C, (or often CTRTL+X) then CTLR+V.  I use those combinations constantly throughout the day.