Canadian LenovoPRO Community for events and giveaways?

I get marketing emails where all the links bring me to the US website and all contests, giveaways, events are for residents of the US states only.  Is there an equivalent Canadian site?  I know about the Lenovo Canada shopping website and do my purchasing from there, I'm wanting to know about a Community site and/or place where residents of Canada can enter contests.

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  • Hey   That is a really good question. I'm sad to say we don't have a Canadian community equivalent at the momentFrowning2 There should be a MyLenovoRewards sweepstakes and opportunities in Canada, one of which is coming right up. I can explore expanding the terms for our community giveaways to including residents in CA, but if I was able to bring that about, it wouldn't be super quick. 

  • Thanks  for the response.  Looking forward to the upcoming opportunities then!

  • Please don't leave out Quebec! In many places, Quebec residents are specially excluded from contests and promotions. Sorry for the extra trouble!

    Martin near Montréal, Quebec, Canada

  • I know - it get's tricky in Quebec. If I can manage to add Canada residents to the giveaways, I will do my best to include Quebec! Merci Martin! 

  • Hey Canadian LenovoPRO Community for events and giveaways? ! 

    As promised, the newest MyLenovoRewards Sweepstakes has just dropped in Canada as well! "Jingle all the way" to your rewards dashboard to enter Grin Link