[MARCH SPECIALS] Unboxing blue yeti nano + logitech specials

This March in the LenovoPRO store, all Logitech products are on sale. Check back into community and the LenovoPRO store every week to see what unique weekly deals are happening around your favorite Logitech gear. (Plus, earn 3x rewards on all Logitech items during March only!)

Do you have a favorite Logitech tool? Why or why not? Leave a note in the comments below!

PS - Don't miss Thomas's latest unboxing of the Blue Yeti Nano Mic and a chance to win it

  • I have to admit, I don't have a Master Series mouse but I have heard I really should get one and that they are awesome (thanks for the tip  ). 

    Also, I find the Logitech ERGO K860 keyboard super intriguing - the one that is kinda wavy and split with some blank space in the middle. Not sure if anyone else has used it before or has any thoughts on it. 

    My wireless mouse laser just stopped working (as my new batteries aren't helping) and I miss it, so if might be time for even ME to dip into the logitech pool and see what I come out with... Not sure yet. 

  • Not.

    Low end Logitech Keyboard, like a MK120.

    Low end sums it up.

    Not that "low end" means it shouldn't be good - especially for a $20 price tag.

    Here, "low end" means it's worth $5 - or even less.

    It simply is not good.

    I've had a multitude of OEM "throw-in" keyboards, that came with (were thrown in) with systems, that were much better.


    Logitech Trackball (mouse), like a M570.

    Have had it for ages.

    (I see now they call it "ERGO", & much like anything that says, "Gaming", it means you pay 2x for the same thing ;-).)

  • I like Logitech's bundles in collaboration with Blue Yeti, Astro, Mevo...
    Ready-made bundles that contain everything a creator needs.
    I missed the contest on Instagram, but I ll try this current one on YouTube with Thomas Vanderkin Four leaf cloverFour leaf cloverFour leaf clover 
    I feel lucky Four leaf clover . Lenovo is my lucky charm Four leaf clover

  • Thank you for the feedback, nice! Glad to hear you enjoy the Logitech Trackball (mouse) M570 too. 

  • Very nice! Agreed. Amazing! Good luck! Grin

  • I use a Logitech K850 keyboard and love it.  It is bluetooth and will allow me to connect to three devices.   I have had a few of the MX mice and love them.  When I was doing mobile work, being able to use the mouse on any surface including glass top desks was a life saver.  

  • Oooo, that is a very cool feature of the mouse. Especially since I pack up and move my work space around now and then. Awesome! 

  • I love the Logitech MX Revolution mouse. I purchased my first one in 2007 and now I'm on my second one because I wore out the switches on the first one. They are comfortable, connect to multiple devices, and work great.

  • Really good to know. Thank you Daniel!