1,100+ Free Base Mesh Models from The Base Mesh

Since there seems to be many members in our community that design their own creative content, here's another terrific resource for some free assets:

The Base Mesh 2.0 website features 1,100+ free base mesh models that you can download and use as you wish.

Whether you need a mesh for digital sculpting, creating a high or low poly model, game prototyping, draw-overs for concepting or any other creative endeavor, this asset library has you covered.

Every model adheres to real-world scale and comes with basic UVs, so you can get to making those all-important creative decisions faster.

All of the assets are 100% free under the CC0 license, which enables commercial use and changes to the models. There are no restrictions in how you can use the assets. Feel free to credit thebasemesh.com in your project but it’s not mandatory. This license gives you the freedom to use the assets as you see fit. Removing the restrictions allows you to make full creative decisions. “You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.”

All of the assets are available in OBJ, FBX and GLB formats.


Feel free to comment below if you find anything particularly useful or if you want to share what you created with any of the free assets.

  • Dang   This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! Just for my own curiosity, can you share a finished example of something you've done using this? Would be super neat to see it in action, since this is a lesser known area for me!

  • These are all 3D models under a CC0 license, so you can pretty much use them however you want. You can use them to create custom animations for websites, social media, or even commercials. You can also think of them as "3D clipart" and use them in ways you would use traditional clipart to create 2D graphics by taken screenshots within a 3D program. The Criterion Collection recently used custom 3D models to create cover art for one of their recent releases.

    You could also use the models to mockup product or graphic designs. If you wanted to get really creative, you could even convert the files to print 3D objects that you could sell or giveaway as promotional swag. If your business was related to music for example, you could take the model of a guitar and turn it into a physical keychain to sell or giveaway.

  • Oh wow! That is awesome. I love the examples - helped me get it haha. Thank you for sharing - pretty cool stuff!!! 


    These are all 3D models under a CC0 license

    I'm very familiar with the GPL and MIT licenses.  I've never heard of Creative Commons Zero license.

    Not until now.

    Are these all natural intelligence models?  Do they permit (or provide) objects which are machine generated?

    I'm looking at their library—"Assets: 1155".  Their search functionality leaves something to be desired.  I can see the following on page 1:

    1. Apple
    2. Apple Core
    3. Apple Slice
    4. Apple Sliced
    5. Avocado
    6. Avocado Pip
    7. Avocado Slice
    8. Avocado Sliced
    9. Banana

    When i search for "fruit", however, I get only 1 result:

    1. Fruit Bowl 01

    The category "Food" includes all of the fruit.  But, if I just search for "food", then I get:

    1. Canned Food 01
    2. Canned Food 02
    3. Canned Food 03
    4. Dog Food Bowl
    5. Food Prep Table
    6. Food Prep Table Corner

    If you've read this far, do you recognize the pattern?  I knew you would.

    Is it too much to ask for meta data—expanding the search functionality?  I mean... what are we paying for?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    It's free?  Oh.  Well.  Forget I mentioned it. :-)

  • I believe all the models were actually created by the founder of the website, 3D artist Tim Steer. The website is fairly new and looks to be supported through donations, so hopefully they'll eventually improve their search meta data. 

  • Thanks for sharing! Just wish I had a 3D printer so I could create a bunch of models and parts.

  • I've had a 3D printer on my wishlist for a while now. One of these days though...