See y'all at Welcome to Lenovo Pro Webinar!

Today at 1PM EST, we're running our next live welcome session! I hope to see you there for a chance to win $50 in MLR. 


Already been around awhile and want to join something more social and informal?

Join today at 3PM for jungle-themed, members-only skribblio! 

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  • Thanks again for the tour and the bonus Psych reference!

  • Ahaha, amazing!! I am so happy to hear that Richie - thanks for joining and glad you enjoyed the tour! Grinning

  • I'm sorry I missed these two.

    I registered, but I never received a confirmation email and couldn't find a button to join on the event page.  Just a notice that said registration had closed.

    I also registered for the 3PM ET skribblio and did received the confirmation, but when I tried to join, I kept getting kicked back because it couldn't find a camera.  It appears a camera is required to join, but my computer doesn't have one so I guess I am out of luck there.

    I hope you all had fun.

  • I just received an email:

    When I click on the feedback link, I get this:

    I wonder which event this was for and how to see the recordings?

  • Oh no! I'm so sorry about that Steven! I'm not sure why. I'm investigating what happened and will report back to see why you never got the notifications and if we can remove the camera requirement! 

  • I am sorry I missed this. I was traveling and was unable to stop!

  • No worries at all! Maybe we'll see you next week! 

  • Thank you for the $50 in MLR! I'm definitely going to be putting it towards that new green screen I've been eyeing! Smile

  • Haha that's amazing! You're welcome!