Free or low cost marketing & creative resources

Creative, marketing or general small-business related, have you found any (free?) sites, tools or resources that have helped you?

Whether you are looking to start a business, have just launched, are keeping an eye on your bottom line or are growing your business, what have you found?

Please share below! 

  • Canva - love their offerings and capabilities for free. Makes for easy designing/creating digitally. Especially great for non-designers as they have pre-made set-ups, lots of 'pre-cut' canvas sizes and you can do a wide variety of output for free!

    Mailchimp - I used them for a short time on a project. I love the free version and it get's the job of emailing customers done without getting overcomplicated! Although, I think they have since expanded their offerings and now do social management as well?

    There are lots of there and I am curious to see what others have found to be helpful.

    Also, of course, the LenovoPRO Community. I really love that everyone can connect and feed off each other and share life and business together. 

  • Kickstarter has helped a lot of people! I'm going to be running one here pretty soon to fund a new camera purchase.

  • I think the best thing is to spend a lot of time on your own website that you own and then add a section with informative articles that you have written on the products or services you offer.  Write a new article every week and eventually you'll have a website that is worth going to.  Writing articles is free. Slight smile

  • I like Elfsight. The widgets are amazing.

  • I think referral promotions are a low-cost marketing tactic. If you run an email newsletter list, keeping track of who people refer to the list and awarding them with promotional items is an easy way to get people to experience your organization.

  • What is Kickstarter? Haven't heard of it yet!

  • What is Elfsight? Sounds like a unique line of glasses or a swanky analytics tool haha. 

  • I'll echo Steven, having a website planned out and delivered well is a key to complete before embarking on additional steps.

    It's free to publish your website on search engines, free to create and publish articles on most social media platforms.  It's when you attempt keyword dominance that marketing gets very expensive.

  • In addition to the Canva, Mailchimp and website blog ideas (which I think are all good!), here's what I have to add:

    Any good marketing begins with your website, and Wordpress is a great free way to get one on the table! There's a bit of a learning curve, but there are thousands of plugins which can help manage your design/content as well as give you free marketing tools to integrate.

    In the vein of a good website comes good ways to design it. While something like Wordpress gives you a lot of access through things like plugins, occasionally you need to get under the hood to do some creative stuff on a website and the tutorials on W3schools are free and have helped me a lot.

    Again, a bit Wordpress-specific, but this is an amazing tool to quickly create good-looking websites with little coding knowledge. The free version has most of what you could ask for.

    I haven't used this one extensively, but it can at least allow you to get your name out if your target client-base is local.

    I haven't used this tool at all, but could be a good way for some to get a leg up in creating a website as it provides all the basic tools in one place and a few templates as well. You need to sign-in to get access.

    Claim your business! Or so Google says, and it's honestly an easy way to get your name and basic details out there as free advertising. Very easy to maintain, too.