Who is here?

Hi all,

I am curious to know who is in this group.

Please share this:

1) Where are you local?

2) What are you doing?

3) What is currently exciting happening in your life?

I can start first:


2) Producer, Author, Speaker

3) having time to start learning new skills live and online

  • Currently in Washington state considering moving to Lyon, France.

    Going to college full time.

    Getting ready to sell my house and also start a streaming channel!

  • 1) State of Indiana in the U.S.

    2) Own a 22-year-old local electrical service & repair business.

    3) Working with my grown son who will be taking over the business when I retire soon.

  • 1) Kenai Alaska

    2) Real Estate Agent

    3) Currently taking classes to upgrade to broker

  • 1) Just down the road a spell from Morrisville ;)

    2) Hired geek by day....and recently became a Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot.

    3) Trying to get a new drone video and photography biz off the ground!

  • You might enjoy connecting with Kelly at  who runs her own media business! Also, it could be cool to check out their featured member article -  August Featured Business: Vort Media  

  • Congratulations on your certification! 

    I'm Kelly over at Vort Media in Reynoldsville, PA where we just added a drone department not long ago.

    It definitely sets us apart when applying for contracts that include tourism, wedding venues, inspections, and many other environments.

    Our first drone, a DJI Air 2s has done wonders for us. What do you fly with?

  • Growth Marketing Consulting Service for Health Tech and Tech Startups! I help early stage companies/founders enter markets, fundraise/seek investments, and many times, act as an early Fractional CMO.

  • 1) Where are you local? - Costa Mesa, CA

    2) What are you doing? -  Husband and Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2.  CEO of a Mortgage Licensing Consulting Firm. 

    3) What is currently exciting happening in your life? 2 new Granddaughters.  Started backpacking trips with my youngest son.

    • I am in Southport NC.  I have two business.  One for profit and one non profit. 
  • Hey  THANK YOU!  And sorry for the very late response, but just happened to stumble back into this thread and saw you had replied, 6 months ago! I never got any sort of notification you responded to me since I wasn't tagged in your response. I'm hoping  can get a Feature Request to change that, but that's another story ;)

    I'm currently flying a Mavic Mini 2 and a Phantom 4 Pro+. I hope you're enjoying your new drone!

    Here's my little home grown project page: www.upliftingimagery.com