Who is here?

Hi all,

I am curious to know who is in this group.

Please share this:

1) Where are you local?

2) What are you doing?

3) What is currently exciting happening in your life?



2) Author, Speaker, and expert

3) having time to start learning new skills live and online

  • Currently in Washington state considering moving to Lyon, France.

    Going to college full time.

    Getting ready to sell my house and also start a streaming channel!

  • 1) State of Indiana in the U.S.

    2) Own a 22-year-old local electrical service & repair business.

    3) Working with my grown son who will be taking over the business when I retire soon.

  • 1) Kenai Alaska

    2) Real Estate Agent

    3) Currently taking classes to upgrade to broker

  • 1) Just down the road a spell from Morrisville ;)

    2) Hired geek by day....and recently became a Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot.

    3) Trying to get a new drone video and photography biz off the ground!

  • You might enjoy connecting with Kelly at  who runs her own media business! Also, it could be cool to check out their featured member article -  August Featured Business: Vort Media  

  • Congratulations on your certification! 

    I'm Kelly over at Vort Media in Reynoldsville, PA where we just added a drone department not long ago.

    It definitely sets us apart when applying for contracts that include tourism, wedding venues, inspections, and many other environments.

    Our first drone, a DJI Air 2s has done wonders for us. What do you fly with?

  • Growth Marketing Consulting Service for Health Tech and Tech Startups! I help early stage companies/founders enter markets, fundraise/seek investments, and many times, act as an early Fractional CMO.

  • 1) Where are you local? - Costa Mesa, CA

    2) What are you doing? -  Husband and Father of 4 and Grandfather of 2.  CEO of a Mortgage Licensing Consulting Firm. 

    3) What is currently exciting happening in your life? 2 new Granddaughters.  Started backpacking trips with my youngest son.

    • I am in Southport NC.  I have two business.  One for profit and one non profit. 
  • Hey  THANK YOU!  And sorry for the very late response, but just happened to stumble back into this thread and saw you had replied, 6 months ago! I never got any sort of notification you responded to me since I wasn't tagged in your response. I'm hoping  can get a Feature Request to change that, but that's another story ;)

    I'm currently flying a Mavic Mini 2 and a Phantom 4 Pro+. I hope you're enjoying your new drone!

    Here's my little home grown project page: www.upliftingimagery.com