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  • I'm in this weird phase in which I'm embarking some new adventures in real estate but at the same time feel like I'm spinning wheels. Not sure if that made any sense.

  • Just launching my first biz as a licensed drone pilot! Hope it gets off the ground ;)

  • At Pelican Wildfire Consulting, we know the importance of a properly designed and maintained property. While there is no such thing as a fireproof property, our experience has taught us firsthand how drastically preparation can change the outcome of a wildfire in a neighborhood. Pelican Wildfire is owned and operated by Phil Taylor and Alissa Johnson, both Park City locals with deep roots in the community. The company was founded after Phil had left the Federal Fire to stay closer to home year-round. After a long career in Wildland Firefighting, he was forever imprinted by the passion for the job and the wins and losses over the years. He recognized the inherent risk of living in a wildfire-prone area, and the prevalent risks on the Wasatch back and refused to let his home become another statistic. Alissa’s community ties and management experience with Phil’s construction knowledge have allowed them to build something that can help protect the community.