Funding resources

Curious about small business funding opportunities and resources, possible partnership and/or investors.

  • Small Business Association is a great place to start, have a business plan in hand and some reserves already. Sometimes your state may have some grant programs in place that will help with a portion of startup costs.

  • Sense the pandemic hit I've been reading everything and anything I can find about growing my business and about business credit. I've read so much I could probably teach a class. That said. I just filled my llc in August. Which is immediately one stake. I'm considered a startup even though I've been remodeling homes for over 17 years. Start up funding is next to non existent in construction.  I need a van to triple my sales. Inorder to get a van (one that runs and will last and isn't a money pit) you need A small business loan. Well I've read and applied my contractor hart out. And unless your making 30 to 50000 a month no one will even look at you. My thought is this stupid. If your making 30000 a month way would you need a loan. And almost all of them immediately ask for my SS number. Even thought I'm using my company. And the SBA yeah that's a joke. Sure they help the company's who don't need it. Everyone screaming support small business but when your a business of one your the smallest of the small. To small to help.  Thanks for nothing. 

    But everyday I get up. Throw my work boots on grab my tape measure and phone and. Do another day without any help from any one. Because I don't know how to quit. It's all or nothing. At some point I have a van. And a couple fix and rent property's. Or I'll die trying. It's all I got is hope and a love for building. 

  • I can really relate to your sentiment and feelings regarding funding, SBA, and trying to grow from a small single-person organization with a flurry of ideas racing through my brain yearning to be implemented, yet stuck in a shortfall of fresh ideas and methods to attract talent to share in my vision, hard work, and never-quit state of mind. All piled on by the exhaustion of this seemingly never-ending 2+ years of COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • It's rediculus isn't it. Everyone wants to scream small business is American. They just don't want to fund us. And I'm good at what I do. I genuinely care about my customers. And I just need a van new tools and dam phone and tablet that work. 

  • Hey josh,
    How are you today?
    We are in the pre-launch phase and running a pre-seed funding round simultaneously, having incorporated in the US in November 2022.
    Unfortunately, due to the IRS's mistake in entering the company's name in the system, it took me two months to open the company's business account and receive an EIN number, resulting in delays in receiving federal facilities and opening a line of credit, which I am currently pursuing this.
    Currently, I urgently need to get a credit card for the company and myself to activate our profiles in Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to increase our score, and so on.
    And a Payday loan at the lowest amount.

  • The Small Business Development Center is a good resource. In this economic environment banks are going to be more strict, so you need a solid business plan.