POS & Shop Management - Starting a new business.

Hello everyone!

I am working on starting my own auto repair business. I am already working in a shop environment, and have been for a very long time. I have been in high enough positions throughout my career that I know enough about the business, but getting the right location and financial backing has proven to be difficult. On top of all of that, I still need to get the right software to get all of my documentation in order. What does everyone else use for POS and shop management?

  • I don't have any experience with POS and shop management tools, but you might find G2 a helpful resource, which  recommended in her article Boost Your Midsized Team's Efficiency with These Must-Have Tool Features.

  • I'm not sure I can be much help personally but in terms of POS/sales systems you could maybe look into some basic credit card readers such as square or PayPal. They have one that is basic and easy where you can plug it into your phone directly and swipe a card easily

  • I second Drew! Use card readers at first. Once you get success, you can think of a POS. Pay attention to what the shops around you are using. 

  • Ask around and research what similarly sized competitors are running. Shop mgt or POS costs add up to business expense and you'll need to go with one that scales as you business grows. Get one that's simple enough for you to understand or teach someone quickly and possible Cloud based, with bookkeeping and taxes if possible. Refer to @Erin Brenner's article about must-have tools as a guide.

  • Mostly outside my purview, but when we are selling at conventions, it's all hands on deck for our publishing company. I use a tablet with a card reader for POS and it work wonderfully (but for those times when bandwidth is low or lagging)

  • I use 'Ideabuddy.com' as my go-to for validation and creating a business plan.  It helps walk you through the process, creates the information you need to generate a business plan to bring to potential backers.  And, it's presently on Appsumo.com as a lifetime deal.

  • sorry, I can't help here.  I do hear alot about POS systems and how they are growing to include online sales as well as instore.. but the tax and employee parts.. that is when my head explodes

  • I haven't used a POS system since I worked in a restaurant in the 80s.  I am not sure the one we used (Squirrel) still exists.

  • Have never used POS, sorry.

  • I have never used an integrated POS system before. I always relied on a stand alone cash register and a stand alone credit card machine. One thing I would recommend is to go with an actual merchant service for your processing needs rather than a company like Square. You will be doing most of your sales by credit card so it is very important to look at the "per transactions fees" and the "interchange rates" as well as any monthly statement fee . They will vary wildly from one processor to another so it is very important to shop around and ask all the right questions about what their rates are. Also, it is generally much less expensive to process a transaction as "debit" rather than as "credit", so if someone is paying with a debit card you will want to process the transaction that way.  Credit card processing fees are outrageously high, and reducing the amount you pay is a great way to cut costs. Also, most traditional banks charge very high processing fees, so it is best to avoid them for merchant services unless their rates are competitive, and I assure you they likely will not be. .