Docking Stations: Do you love them or hate them?

Hello Everyone!

I'm in the market for a new laptop for myself this time. I have kicked the can on this for far too long. Why? I have the old-style docking station where the laptop sits on top and locks in. I love it and it has more ports and things than what they have now. I can lock my computer to it with a key. It just works well for me, except now the laptop isn't! Not wanting to go with the tiny box dock, I've put off buying a new PC. I want some feedback from you about docking stations. Do you love it or hate it? Is anyone out there transitioning from the old to the new little box? How's your experience?

FYI- I can't wait much longer. My ThinkPad currently burns my fingers on the QWERASDFZXCV keys. It gets so hot that my fingers feel like they are on fire and burnt after typing for 20-30 minutes. It doesn't help that I'm a workaholic, and I'm always on it. At least these haven't melted, yet. The computer before this one got so hot I had to put it up on a stand, and the keys actually began to melt and caved in when I touched them. The rest is not hot, just the left side near the port where the hot air blows. Yes, I have cleaned it. Since it's on top of my docking station, I can't put it on a riser or cooling pad. I'm really going to miss my docking station.

So, how's your transition? Do you like the new box-style dock?

  • I love mine.. I have one in the office and one at home, I would say they have evolved and smaller space and more connections.. 

  • They have great docking stations on sale now in the Lenovo store. I love them. I have many around the house and in the travel office as well as my car. These are very handy and I reccommend them highly!

  • you have a docking station in your car? I have to ask-- what purpose does that serve?

  • The Indispensable Role of Docking Stations in Automotive and Mobile Living Environments


    In the evolving landscape of automotive technology and mobile habitation, the incorporation of docking stations emerges as a pivotal element in enhancing the user experience. Docking stations, by design, offer a multifaceted range of benefits that cater to the dynamic needs of users in cars and trailer homes. This discourse aims to elucidate docking stations' principal advantages and practical applications, underscoring their significance in modern travel and lifestyle.

    Principal Advantages of Docking Stations

    1. Uninterrupted Connectivity and Charging

    Docking stations provide a reliable platform for charging various electronic devices, ensuring constant access to essential technology. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where uninterrupted connectivity is paramount.

    1. Enhanced Safety and Organization

    By offering a secure and organized space for the storage and use of devices, docking stations mitigate clutter and reduce potential distractions, promoting a safer driving environment. The facilitation of hands-free device operation further augments this safety paradigm, allowing drivers to maintain focus on the road.

    1. Integration with Smart Technology

    The compatibility of docking stations with smart car and home technologies bridges the gap between convenience and utility. This integration facilitates the synchronized operation of devices, making travel more enjoyable and efficient.

    1. Hub for Entertainment

    Docking stations are a central hub for entertainment systems. They connect multiple devices, enriching the travel experience through immersive audio-visual engagements.

    Use Cases of Docking Stations

    1. Family Road Trips

    During long journeys, a docking station proves indispensable by simultaneously charging multiple devices, ensuring that entertainment and communication needs are met without concern over battery depletion.

    1. Professional Use by Long Haul Drivers and Hurricane Evacuees

    Long-haul truck drivers and people trying to stay safe benefit significantly from docking stations. These stations secure and charge navigation devices while integrating with intelligent vehicle technologies to provide real-time information on road conditions and optimal routes.

    1. Mobile Living and Camping

    In the context of trailer homes and camping, docking stations facilitate charging critical devices and power entertainment systems, enhancing the outdoor living experience without imposing unnecessary strain on the primary power source.

    1. Mobile Office Environments

    For individuals leveraging their vehicles as mobile offices, docking stations offer a stable platform for laptops or tablets, ensuring seamless charging, connectivity, and integration with the car's infotainment system for professional engagements.

    1. Cross-Country Travel

    In extensive travel scenarios, docking stations enable the seamless integration of smart home devices with vehicle systems, allowing travelers to remotely manage home appliances, monitor security systems, and adjust in-vehicle climate settings, providing convenience and peace of mind.


    In summary, docking stations are crucial in modernizing the travel experience in automotive and mobile living environments. By addressing users' multifaceted needs—ranging from safety and organization to entertainment and smart technology integration—docking stations exemplify an indispensable tool in the contemporary landscape of mobility. The rigorous adherence to precision in design and functionality underscores the commitment to enhancing user experiences while maintaining an unwavering focus on safety and convenience.

  • Wow, you really get all the use out of your laptops that you can! (Sorry, I've nothing useful to add. I'm just impressed by how long you hold on to your computers.)