AI in the Small Business World

What angle and marketing strategies have you come up with to adjust to the new AI acceleration against your competitors? Do you find there are a higher percentage of pros than there are cons with the immense functional you of the AI functions? 

Share some things of how AI and AI integration has affected your business! 

  • I use AI in various aspects.  It is good for creating first drafts, but you have to take the time to validate the results.  

    Where is shines, however, is in brainstorming.

  • I do not use AI for marketing, but we do use it some for Security and Threat protection

  • Trying to incorporate using ChatGPT into automating some of my data and charts. So far this is a pro.

  •   You can use Claude 3 as well. This may help with your charts. In a chat, I simply typed in the following: "markmap syntax
    in markmap each level of # is a new branch. Create an example of a markmap syntax for the promotional plan of a new product XY to be launched in July. The aim is to familiarize the product with customers within one month"
    I received a complete markmap syntax that detailed a promotional plan. Maybe you can use this to get some new ideas

    To convert the syntax into a visual mind map, all you need to do is paste the code into And there you have it - a fully visualized mind map based on your chat input!

    Linkedin post markmap.

  • Have used some "AI" here and there for help with research or coding, but nothing major. It's a long term goal to make better use of novel approaches, but we're not there yet, with one major exception -- documentation and client support. Building an FAQ is a lot more involved when it feeds a bot, but if done right it can really provide a ROI. 

  • It makes things much more efficient! 

    But I'm concerned about wealth concentration and the power AI company owners have. 

    Our society is not structure to work like this, so governments need to adapt really fast.

  • We use AI to help with content generation and for generating customer service replies for customers. Online retailer, $300M+ annual revenue

  • In my IT job, I'm currently using generative AI for brainstorming newsletter articles, research, and creating images for articles and SharePoint pages. In my photography business, I use AI tools to assist in editing photos, whether it's expanding the photo out to the top, bottom, or sides; replacing unwanted objects in the image; or selecting the subjects to replace the background.

  • I don't use AI as much as I should. However, I tried it to generate invitations for meetups and birthdays.