Lenovo Japan Office Visit! (Dec 2022)

Hi guys! Just wanted to share some pictures from this past December when I visited the Lenovo Japan offices in Akihabara, Tokyo and met up with the community manager  . Hope you all enjoy!

Lenovo Japan - 10th floor hallway

Hallway leading to the reception area

Lenovo Japan reception

Lenovo Japan reception

Lenovo corporate timeline

Timeline of companies joining the Lenovo brand

Reception seating and displays

Seating area in reception with displays along wall

Think lineup

Think lineup area

PC section

Think+other PCs on display

Active servers

Server tray

Active Lenovo server in use and on display

What follows below are just a bunch of shots of the various PCs and accessories on display, including the Japanese brand NEC (which strikes me as a lot like the Yoga lineup):



Yoga lineup

Think Accessories

PC accessories

Think accessories 2

PC accessories 2

Think corner


And one of yours truly, of course!

Me at reception

  • Thank you for sharing! The line up is astounding!

  • Thank you Aaron! It was great to meet you! Hope to see you again soon :) Anyone who would like to visit, please contact me!

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    Hi Judith, how are you? Blush

  • I'm coming soon! Can't wait!!

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    I am doing well Mari! Thank you for asking. How are you? I would love to visit Japan one day!

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    My pleasure! Leave it to the competition challenge to start 3 new threads at getting me to finally post them Sweat smile

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    Thanks Mari-san! I don't know if I'll make it back this year again but definitely next year!

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    Yes, next year then! :) We have now a Think Cafe display with Motorola phone display in the showroom which is something new to look forward to for you! 

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    Yes, let's plan! Slight smile

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    Hi Judith! Thank you and sorry about my late response! I will show you around if you come visit! :) US dollar is high so consider this year and first half of the next year if you can :)