Craziest idea that worked

Growing entrepreneurial skills can mean flexing your creativity and finding unique solutions to current problems. 

So tell us, what is the craziest idea you had or that someone else had that actually worked? Or an idea that seemed crazy at first, but was actually very good?

  • What was the idea?
  • What happened to bring the idea about?
  • If it was another's idea, why do you like it/remember it?

Please share below and have a good chuckle at some of the craziest ideas in our lives and in the world that ACTUALLY worked! 

  • Moving to Phoenix on a whim and job offer with no guarantee of permanency. I had literally spent every day for three weeks after being let go from my previous job going to the library to work on a grad school application for a program in Japan and spent lunches at the cathedral in prayer. I had submitted a resume to a former employer on a whim, not expecting anything in response.

    No sooner had I sealed the envelope to send my documents over to Japan than my phone rang on a Friday afternoon asking if I could be in Phoenix on Monday to start work. I had to decide, literally on the spot, whether to accept the job offer and move all the way across the country to a place I did not know. Little did I know that, in hindsight, that move was probably one of the best things in my life. Being able to run with that crazy idea of moving with no safety net was really trying for me, but in the end I found one of my passions (that I'm gettind a PhD in now!), met an amazing woman who would become my wife, and made a lot of lasting friends with unforgettable memories along the way. All because, in that split second over the phone, I said 'yes' to an idea that was totally crazy and would have never crossed my mind otherwise.

  • The idea of doing something different.  Stepping out of a previous employment field into the unknown.  I was essentially forced to go out and change my field of work.  It worked and allowed me to become more successful personally and financially.  Don't be afraid to step out.

  • Re-examining my entire world view and everything that I was taught.  Happy Atheist now.

  • Hitchhiking for my job interview after my airplane got stranded at the wrong airport. I got the job and survived the trip.

  • I began that journey at 14 years of age. I am still looking! I find my peace in helping people.

  • Moving to Hawaii and work remotely on a beach.

  • In November of 2010, having lost my job at Sikorsky Aircraft  in Connecticut and in my fifties, I applied for a job at the famous Palo Alto Research Center , got it, sold our house in Milford CT  and moved there (Los Altos)  and stayed until 2015

  • Taking the leap to drop everything and accept a short consulting contract in Hawaii (from Canada).  It turned into a permanent job and I stayed there for over 20 years.

  • Of doing something different that I was not prepared for. I took on a management job at last moment with no previous experience, made a lot of mistakes but surprisingly was not replaced.