Craziest idea that worked

Growing entrepreneurial skills can mean flexing your creativity and finding unique solutions to current problems. 

So tell us, what is the craziest idea you had or that someone else had that actually worked? Or an idea that seemed crazy at first, but was actually very good?

  • What was the idea?
  • What happened to bring the idea about?
  • If it was another's idea, why do you like it/remember it?

Please share below and have a good chuckle at some of the craziest ideas in our lives and in the world that ACTUALLY worked! 

  • Being more technical than commercial, my main challenge at the start of my activity was to find clients.
    The idea that helped me a lot is to consult my former colleagues who were still in contact with clients and who needed services that my former recruiter could not take. It helps !

  • I sat at a kitchen table one day and thought of the name of my business and the next day, I sat at the same table and came up with the non-profit's name. One is trademarked, and the next one, the non-profit, is going through the paces of the trademark. They work. I am surprised.

  • Doing the obvious. I work in a field where coordination among players is thought of as a difficult, time-consuming, and usually fruitless task. By ignoring that and launching some simple coordination tools - periodic informal meetings, shared calendars, etc - I found that in fact, coordination is easy and effective.

  • The craziest ideas are the ones that require an endless amount perseverance to be successful. For 2,000 years electricity (static electricity specifically) was nothing more than a parlor trick to move feathers around and make the hair stand up on your arm using a piece of amber. It was the tinkerers of the late 1700's and early 1800's who found more utilitarian uses for it  It is claimed that it took 10,000 failures before Edison found the perfect filament for a lightbulb. It took  years for Goodyear to develop the right mixture to make rubber useful. The cleaner Formula 409 is named after how many variations they went through before finding the one that worked. That means 408 failures. Our history is filled with accidental discoveries that were discovered because a person that was perceived as "crazy" or "eccentric"  had an idea and was using trial and error to prove it, only to accidentally make another groundbreaking discovery.

  • Using advanced graphics technology to visual large amounts of data in an intuitive 3D model.  This was back when all movie special effects were done on Silicon Graphics hardware and you had to use OpenGL directly as opposed to being able to use graphics toolkits or 3D engines that today makes it a lot easier and does not require specialized hardware.

  • I would say a crazy idea that one person had at one point in time was the internet.  Who knew back then what it would turn into.  So many things are so reliant on the internet and/or on this form of communication now-a-days.

  • Crazy idea? That I would be successful at my current job. I knew well the field & players for whom we publish, but I knew nothing of publishing & editing. Twenty years later, I've earned promotions, edited award-winning books, and found much success.

  • While being lazy, I created an automated documentation engine for reporting on Cisco voice deployments.  It ended up being a lot more work up front, but the end result was a significant time saver for me and the rest of the company.  This eventually became one of the recognitions I received for a global award from the company.  Of course, I had to come up with a better story than 'I was lazy', as I don't think that would have gone over well with management.

  • working without pay....gaining the experience and being sought after once you leave. Only a passion for what you do gives you that result.

  • England selecting Churchill as Prime Minister to lead the nation against Hitler.
    Chamberlain would have selected anyone else.  But all his other picks had promoted peace with Hitler for a decade and thought if they were Prime Minister, they would be executed when Hitler took control of England.
    Churchill was not willing to surrender to evil controlling his nation, so he took the position.