COVID-19: Impacting the classroom

If you are in the education, youth programs/activities or any type of community program space where learning takes place, odds are the models for learning have pivoted amongst COVID-19. 

How have your programs, classrooms and activities changed with remote learning? What technology has your organization leveraged to continue teaching and learning outside the classroom? 

  • I've been surprised how minimally the schools here in western Oklahoma appear to let covid affect their day-to-day activities.  My granddaughter is a first grader and they have been attending class in person.  The teachers wear facemasks and the students have the option of wearing face masks. They have only been distance learning for weather related shut downs.  However, school programs, which family and friends would normally attend, are restricted to students only.  The teachers post pictures and videos for family to view online. If a student misses school, they provide packets the parents can pickup and take home.  They also provide several online resources on the school's website.

  • A friend is a teacher, Baltimore County, MD, & she says she has 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 students.

    And it's up to the parents whether a child attends (physical) school or not.

    And she has to teach both those in person students & the virtual students - at the same time.

    And for those that do attend in person, they only go on alternating days.

    So you have an entire school system, up & running & all that goes along with that, yet (virtually) no students physically at the school.

    Isn't that just wonderful.

  • Our schools have more at home days since covid. I feel the children are not learning as well as so may parents just don't have the patience to teach at home. I admire all teachers as you are my superheros.