How does Lenovo Pro membership help you stay ahead?

As a member of Lenovo Pro, you have access to a range of IT tools and resources that can help your business stay ahead of the competition. From 1:1 access to dedicated business advisors, to exclusive offers and tailored bundles on products and services, to loyalty rewards and flexible financing options, Lenovo Pro offers a suite of benefits that can give your business the edge it needs.

We want to hear from you! As a Lenovo Pro member, how have you used the program to get ahead of the competition?

  • Which benefits have you found most useful in staying ahead, and which products and services have you used most often to achieve success?
  • Have you taken advantage of the 1:1 access to business advisors to get expert advice on how to manage your IT needs? Have you used the exclusive offers and tailored bundles on products and services to save money while still getting the technology your business needs to succeed? Have you leveraged the loyalty rewards and flexible financing options to help you invest in the future of your business?
  • We also want to hear about how you’ve used our business content, learning resources, and Community to gain an edge. Have you found these resources helpful in staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in your industry?

Please share your insights and experiences with fellow Lenovo Pro members, and let's work together to help small and medium sized businesses succeed!

    1. My Lenovo Pro membership lets me know when I need my game upped before I know I need to know upping my game with my Lenovo Pro membership is what I need to do before I need to do it, so it all works-out just fine with Lenovo Pro membership enabled.
  • I use the discounts provided to the Lenovo Pro members, also the rewards point are a great bonus! The community is great and I have made many friends that share great opinions and information.

  • I find it really helpful to read other peoples experiences and responses but the rewards are really great too! 

  • I like différent thema discussed in thé Community 

    i like to know thé IT news, Community news and Business news (specially small business News)

    I like to cross my fingers every month and Hope to Win a wonderful Lenovo product 


  • The Lenovo Pro programs connected me with the best of the best people especially in the members area. I have met some brilliant people that I would probably have other wise never would have met. I have also learned a great deal from reading and learning about new products from Lenovo. I have been honored as being a special featured member which gave me the self confidence to apply for additional opportunities in my field.

    I have ordered some of the leading technologically advanced products from the store. I always use the chat so that the sales person and I can design the laptop right for my business .Lenovo Pro is the perfect program that helped me get the most out of my IT investments. With exclusive access to business advisors and tailored bundles on products and services, I saved money and invested in the future of my business. This machine is a head above all the rest in my field. The features that the sales person suggests are exactly what my business needs to stay number one. I have won a great machine from the giveaway and I use this machine while traveling. I feel confident that it can handle my heavy work load.

    Lenovo Pro is a program designed to help professionals in any industry stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. It provides a suite of resources to ensure members are always informed and equipped with the information they need to succeed. With Lenovo Pro, I have access exclusive training materials, I have gained access to industry experts, and taken advantage of special offers. The program has helped me stay ahead in an ever-changing market

  • I enjoy the friendship with fellow small-to-medium sized business owners. 

    Everyone is polite, kind, creative, and has talent in their area of specialization.

    I also appreciate that the communication is asynchronous and synchronous, with a good mix of events and activities.

    The content earlier this year was very beneficial, and helped me prepare for a very difficult March and April.

    I look forward to the summer, and having more time to enjoy the community!

  • Taking the opportunity to learn from others in the pro groups keeps me in the loop.  Also learning about the tech in the giveaways has been super great space for learning and being in front of the competition 

  • I like that it saves me time and effort by being a trusted place to go for new tech needs. I can then invest that time and effort into voting on Peanut Butter & Chocolate Polls for greater productivity overall.

  • Haven't taken advantage of the 1:1 access yet.  I have read many posts that contain information that gives me ideas.

  • It provides information and community to talk, wonder and find answers.