What Lenovo product do you recommend & why?

What Lenovo product do you recommend & why?

Please share a few sentences about the item and what you might say to a colleague, family member or friend, including:

  • Why you got this item in the first place
  • What you like and appreciate MOST about this item
  • A user tip or suggestion to get the best experience with this item
  • A link to the item so others can benefit from your rec

Have fun swapping favorites, tips and recommendations! 

  • I recommend the Yoga mouse.

    I got this item because I was looking for a versatile mouse. What I like most is this mouse doubles as a laser presenter, which has been helpful during my larger presentations. I also find this mouse easy to travel with because of the laser presenter feature, I can turn the mouse in a way that easily fits in my pocket or my laptop bag. Below is a link:


  • I'm no one's 'go-to' for computer shopping. But I'd recommend Lenovo brand. We've found it reliable, dependable, well-designed for our needs in editing. 

  • My work has one, i would love one of my own!

  • I am really enjoying my ThinkPad T14s, nicest laptop I've owned

  • I prefer and recommend the Yoga line.  The have good performance and great versatility.  

  • I cant personally recommend any lenovo laptop/computer as i have never owned one, but I do have a lenovo smart clock that i have been using since christmas that i really like!