What Lenovo product do you recommend & why?

What Lenovo product do you recommend & why?

Please share a few sentences about the item and what you might say to a colleague, family member or friend, including:

  • Why you got this item in the first place
  • What you like and appreciate MOST about this item
  • A user tip or suggestion to get the best experience with this item
  • A link to the item so others can benefit from your rec

Have fun swapping favorites, tips and recommendations! 

  • The X1 Carbon !!!

    I had the chance to receive it as an Auditor. And that works so well that I decided to have thé same when i started my own business.

    It is just perfect For huge files and reports..


  • I recommend the X1 Titanium for its 3:2 screen ratio, though unfortunately the product hasn't been updated for a while (https://www.lenovo.com/us/lenovopro/en/p/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpadx1/x1-titanium-g1/20qa005lus).

    I also recommend older ThinkPads (esp. T line) for their keyboards and the fact that they're not so focused on being ultra-thin (I think we've reached the point of diminishing returns on thinness). Unfortunately, newer ThinkPads have thinner and thinner keyboards, so it's getting harder to distinguish ThinkPads from other (cheaper) laptops.

  • Lenovo desktop computer.

    Got this recently when my previous computer died and couldn't be repaired. Most like about it is it is user friendly.  

    User tip:  read the specs so you know if this is what you want to buy.


  • I acquired a Yoga 9i Intel. Thank you Lenovo EDU.

    This is the Lenovo link: https://www.lenovo.com/us/lenovopro/en/p/laptops/yoga/yoga-2-in-1-series/yoga-9i-gen-7-(14-inch-intel)/len101y0011 

    I appreciate this item because it is light and portable. The set up was smooth and I have yet to encounter any problems. I am still exploring the benefits.

    I also acquired a Lenovo Thinkbook 15s Gen 4 from the Evolve Small Lenovo Contest. I really like this item because it is portable and I can take it outside and cover it in the weather. I use both of these for teaching and sharing so that students can learn about how great life is.

    My hope is to acquire a X1 Carbon for my personal use.

  • Desktops and All-in-One computers. I do not ever see a situation where I will not use a desktop.


  • ThinkBooks! I got this item because I liked the look of it more than the ThinkPad.
    The build quality is excellent. It has a clean look and feel.

  • As much as I like my current machine, I would point most people to the X Series first. Here's why:

    The battery life on the X Series is great, the portability is a huge factor making this attractive, the price is just right, and it is a ThinkPad (and all that entails, including durability and the TrackPoint!). Because of all these, I think it is an affordable yet versatile machine that can appeal to many people. While I gravitate toward the X13 line, the Yoga models looks especially attractive if you want to take advantage the touchscreen features.

    My user tip is more of an ordering tip: Splurge for a brighter screen if you'll be using it while travelling a lot. The constant change in lighting you are likely to encounter on the move can make the lower brightness screens a bit frustrating at times (though these screens do offer better battery life!).

    Check out the link above to see the whole line up, or if you're adventurous then check out the Snapdragon-powered X13 to try something new!

  • USB-C Dock

    Keeping a desktop and a laptop in sync has never been easier, but there's still friction when you're working on a desktop and then grab a laptop to work elsewhere.

    Docks solve this friction. It's the best of both worlds! https://www.lenovo.com/us/lenovopro/en/p/accessories-and-software/docking/docking_usb-docks-(universal-cable-docks)/40ay0090us

  • We've been using the X1 Carbon at the office for all our employees and they have been the most durable and reliable workhorse computer.  It is lightweight and very powerful.