This entire site is impossible and clunky; pages reload with inconsistent untracked selections and waste considerable time  

  • I always use chat. The person always helps if you use the word AGENT in all caps.

  • Hi   

    I'm sorry to hear about your grievances with the online store experience. It is never our intention to create a negative experience where the site is clunky or takes a long time to load and I'm sorry both of these things have happened to you. 

    I very much appreciate your feedback and will do my best to ensure it gets heard by the right folks so we can keep improving the experience online. Please feel free to get more specific with what products or pages the untrack selections were on and/or any screenshots so we can maybe do some diagnostic work by emailing me -

    Since it sounds like you've lost some time, I'd be happy to help get you in touch with a teammate of mine to chat through any options or questions to help you find what you are looking for and maybe make up some ground? 

    Again, I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I would be glad to know of any way I can help. 


  • Is that like using REPRESENTATIVE on the automated prompts on the phone?  Cause I don't use that word in a calm collected voice, kind of the opposite of my indoor voice.

  • Quick question: Are you referring to the Store side of Or the Community side?

  • I have never had any issues with this website, but I know some news websites will crash my computer because of all of the videos that auto play all at once.

  • I agree. Dependent on what I am doing, I have to use three different browsers in order to be able to utilize the entire site.