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  • Good luck...I have had this issue and raised it with them and no solution thus far. I have been a long time purchaser online with a CC. I have started purchasing via their professional services with a direct rep that places all my orders. I don't use a card but use a PO and they invoice me. That was how I helped myself. Of course, that removes the ability to make quick purchases for small items. So far though, my rep has been really responsive.

  •   wanted to make sure you saw this post. 

  • Hey Allen A., 

    I'm so sorry about the credit card complexities our site is running you into. That is super frustrating when all you want to do is give us your business and take care of your tech order needs! 

    Please don't go to the dark side! LOL I will try and see what I can do with my team to get you some support for you today and then raise the issue to our web and cart team. There may be an undiagnosed issue or underlying reason this isn't working. 

    Please let me start the conversation and see what we can do to assist. 

    Thank you, 


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    Former M. in reply to Beth - LenovoPRO CM

    Thank you, looking forward to hearing from them.

  • I have had this issue a number of times and always call the pro sales team directly.  They can't resolve the online issue, but they're always ready to help.

  • I have not had any issues. Knock on wood!!!!

  •  Just bought a couple of Lenovo machines for my biz and it was a first time Lenovo purchase.  Never have I had such a horror story unfold in my life, and it went on for weeks, rendering me w/ the "Deer In The Headlights" look, which I haven't shaken as yet.  I am in the market for a couple more machines, but have major cold feet w Lenovo at present.  Also, Tech Support sub-par compared to Dell or HP  - also very disappointing.  I am currently casting a wider net.  My 50 yr. Engineering IBM Dad is probably turning over in his grave at this point, as well.  They could make a documentary out of my poor experience.  If I ran my business like Lenovo is managing their sales, I would have been bankrupt 30 yrs ago.  Get it together, Lenovo.