Unbelievably poor turnaround and customer service on my order

I am implementing new ERP software and need 2 brand new servers which are time sensitive. I went Lenovo as I always have used their servers since I started my career 20 years ago, sticking with them after they bought IBM's hardware division.  I placed my original order in the amount of over 38K for 2 servers on December 15th 2022. We paid by wire transfer and the payment was never applied to the order and it was cancelled in January 20th 2023 due to a credit issue on the account. I contacted my sales rep and was told sorry you have to place a new order and start all over again from the beginning. I explained that this was time sensitive and this is unacceptable how does this happen, but there was nothing that could be done. It still fit in my time window so I placed the order again for a delivery on March 14th 2023 expressing this is time sensitive I do not have any more wiggle room. Guess what the order is delayed again until April 11th 2023, I emailed my sales rep and it has been dead silent. I needed 2 more servers for another project and since I cannot get Lenovo I was forced to buy Dell and they came 7 days later. 

I have called and gotten the run around is there anyone over there that can make this right? I really don't want to go Dell but I am pretty much out of time.

  • Aaron that sounds frustrating. I can provide you with the ISG sales rep who helped me out and he was great. He does get busy so after I called him, he responded to me the next day. I did not call until the afternoon want I was in Arizona whereas he was in North Carolina. If you are interested, DM me and I will send his contact info to you. I ordered a ThinkSystem SR635 with upgrades on Feb 20, 2023 and should receive it on Mar 21. I hope you can get what you need before your deadline.

  • Daniel,

    That would be great if you would be willing to share that info with me I am in a tough spot right now and am more than likely going to have to cancel if I can't get some traction on this very soon.

  •   I've just sent you a friend request with the ISG sales rep's contact info.

  • Hi  

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and frustrations. I'm sorry we weren't able to provide resolution in the time you needed and all the roadblocks you hit. 

    I'm so glad   was able to get a request in to his ISG rep for you. I will try and close the loop on the Lenovo side full circle so we can all get on the same page and assist where we can. 

    Thank you for sharing your message here in the Community and let's see what we can do to help. 


  • Beth,

    I would definitely appreciate some help from Lenovo I need my hardware ASAP. Thank you.


  • I think the supply chain issues extends far beyond products, but is also affecting the ability to find a sufficient number of employees. I think this is the new normal.