Rewards page broken?

Is the rewards page broken for anyone else?  I can't see expirations or any details.

  • Hi Joseph.

     I have this problem frequently.  It is very frustrating and I certainly added this to the "cons" column of my personal "pros and cons" check list.

    Difficult to understand if I have rewards pending. (con)

    Difficult to understand if I received rewards for all of my purchases. (con)

    Rewards expire too quickly. (con)

    Rewards can't be renewed or returned when expired (or expiring) (con) and (con)

    Not enough to get into it more (con).

    Sorry, my time has run out.

  • Answer?  Try to log out, close your browser, open browser again, log in again, then look for your expierations.

    Also\Or try another browser.

  • Already tried that and tried on another computer.  This seems to happen from time to time, but it's usually resolved in a day or so.  It's been going on for several days this time.

  • Hi Joseph! I'm so sorry to hear that. There are some updates we are hoping to make this year on that page to ensure it never loops broken. My dashboard happens to be loading fine but I understand that it doesn't always and I'm sorry about that  

  • And, magically, it now works again, lol

  • Oh man, I'm sorry about that. Lol. On again off again!

  • For the longest time, I never saw anything on that page other than my current points. After having over 100000 points expire, I finally figured out my content filtering and ad-blocking browser extension was preventing me from seeing all the information. When I whitelisted the site from my content filter, I was able to see everything. But today, it looks like it's an issue on their side.

  • This is the same issue I had in the past. If you can tweak your settings on the filtering side, it might help resolve the issue if it persists. Or, if you're like me, you find another way to access it (in my case, via the app).

  • I usually just do a Control+F5 refresh of the page and it fixes the problem.