LenovoPRO Benefits Message Poll

Hey y'all! We'd love your thoughts on how you view the benefits message of the LenovoPRO Program and store experience. We want to make sure that we’re expressing the benefits of LenovoPRO in a way that you prefer and understand. Please take a look at the headline and paragraph options below and let us know your responses to the questions that follow! Headline Option #1 Headline Option #2 More than you expect. Exactly what you need. Build your Edge with LenovoPRO. Paragraph Option #1 Paragraph Option #2 "From the brand that powers the success of more businesses globally than any other, join LenovoPRO for instant access to the business-critical IT tools you need to succeed ―whether you’re a startup or a mature business. How can LenovoPRO power your business?" "Lenovo technology powers the...
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