What do you have your eye on in the Lenovo store?

Now that we are collecting more Lenovo Reward points and the possibility of winning 1 million points, what is one item that you have your eye on in the Lenovo store? Think of something that you personally want.

I have my eyes on the ThinkVision P27U-20 27-in monitor. My side business is photography, I purchased one of these displays last year and now I want another one. This monitor supports 4K and it has a wide color gamut supporting 100% sRGB, 99.1% DCI-P3, and 99.5% Adobe RGB. It's pre-calibrated from the factory and after I received it, I ran it through my color calibrator and the colors were spot on. It also has a Thunderbolt 4 hub so I can plug everything into it and have one cable plugged in to my laptop.

ThinkVision P27U-20 27-in monitor

  • I bought Thinkpad X1 Yoga for my work laptop with i7 intel chip with 16GB RAM.  I am in banking field so that should serve me good enough.  Always had Thinkpad X1 and this would be first Yoga 2 in 1.  Hope I made a good choice.  Price was really low with deep discount too. :)

  • The P1 or the X1 Carbon look promising to me, but also looking at the T14. Needs to have deepest keyboard available (seems to be 1.5mm), a great matte screen, and 400+nits (ideally 500, and I look with envy at some laptops that have 1,000 nits).

  •   with that review from a fellow photographer I think that sounds like a great choice.  

  • Lenovo offers the P1 with 500 and 600 nits. I love the P series because they are well-built, have a great selection of CPUs and GPUs, and you can load them with a ton of RAM. Both the P1 and X1 Carbon are beautiful machines. But you can't go wrong with the T14 either, the 500-nit option is a pricey upgrade.

  • Love this question Daniel. I'm not sure yet - there are so many things to wish list and work towards haha. I'll think about it. 

  • Ray, If you are looking for a color-corrected monitor for your photography work, this can be a great deal. I also print and sell fine-art printing, so having a color-corrected monitor saves me time, paper and ink. It was just on sale recently and if you have some Lenovo Rewards, that can save you some money too. I wanted to order it when it was on sale, but I need some new glass for my Canon mirrorless.

  • As much as I want a new machine, I might settle for a bunch of accessories and maybe a tablet (though I really wish an updated X12 would be released - I love the Surface Pro concept but would be willing to go with Lenovo if they could outdo Microsoft!). Really want to get my hands on the forever out-of-stock TrackPoint II Wireless Keyboard....

  • All in Ones. I prefer a desktop setup, so the all in ones are my next purchase.

  • Aaron, that looks like a cool keyboard for the TrackPoint fans. When I did a search for them, they look very popular. I saw eBay listings for almost double of the MSRP.

  • David, Have you ever looked into the ThinkCentre Tiny form factors? They are desktops that are small 7.0"x7.2"x1.4" boxes with models ranging from entry level desktops to powerful workstations. Lenovo also sells the Tiny-In-One Monitors where their Tiny desktops slides in the back to dock into the monitor to make it an All-in-One. The great thing is the TiO monitors can work as a stand alone monitor and you can always purchase a new Tiny desktop to upgrade the computer. I love the idea of the All-in-One but after several years, the computer portion becomes obsolete, you have to purchase a whole new setup. With the TiO montiors and the Tinys, you can just upgrade the computer and keep the monitor.