Desktop, Laptop, Or Mobile Phone

Do you still use a desktop computer, and if so, can you envision a time when you will no longer use it? I personally use a desktop for 75% of my online activity and I do not foresee a time where that will not be my preference. A laptop is great to have when on the go, but i will always return to my desktop for the bulk of of my daily online activity.

  • At work, I use a laptop for 90% of my work. I use a tablet when I go to meetings and I use my mobile phone for emails and some Microsoft Teams chats.

    I'm considering purchasing a desktop as my primary home\side-business computer. I do plan on keeping my two other laptops (Apple MacBook Pro and ThinkPad P51S). Since I do have some capable laptops, I can buy a more powerful desktop for a lower price than what I would pay for a laptop. If I did not have my existing laptops, and I would have to choose between a laptop and a desktop, I would purchase the laptop.

  • That sums it up for me pretty well.

  • That sums it up for me pretty well.

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