Desktop, Laptop, Or Mobile Phone

Do you still use a desktop computer, and if so, can you envision a time when you will no longer use it? I personally use a desktop for 75% of my online activity and I do not foresee a time where that will not be my preference. A laptop is great to have when on the go, but i will always return to my desktop for the bulk of of my daily online activity.

  • This is a great question David. I love my laptop. I find the streamlined, simple and one-machine aspect is de-stressing for my mental space and physical desk space. My WFH set-up converts at night to facilitate my art business, so having an easy-switch set-up is my preference and I can do that super easily with my laptop! And when I need to be on the go, if I work from somewhere else, I work as normal! 

  • I prefer the smaller device for any traveling or mobility. I have a Surface tablet - nice and small but still has all the computing capability. (NOTE: I am not in any way telling you to get a Surface. I have had more than my share of issues with the actual machine.) I am speaking solely of the mobility aspect. I can bring it anywhere while traveling or commuting, it fits in my large purse! I have a spot at work and at home where I can connect it to a docking station and set up shop. I can use it at the coffee shop or in the car when necessary. I joined a Teams call just a couple months ago and was able to join in on the presentation while my husband drove us to our weekend getaway. A desktop will allow for more computing power generally but that would be the only item in the list of pros for me. Luckily, I don't need much so my tablet works great for me.

  • I prefer a desktop but really have come to embrace the laptop as my main device nowadays. I'm frustrated by the mobile phone for a number of reasons, one of which is I'd rather have a phone in my pocket than a mobile computer with limited functionality.

  • The desktop computer has been around for decades and remains a popular choice for many users, despite the emergence of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in recent years. While desktop computers offer several advantages over their mobile counterparts, such as improved performance, greater storage capacity, and larger displays, they are increasingly being used less due to the convenience of carrying a device around with you. As technology advances, desktop computers are becoming smaller and more efficient, making them more attractive alternatives to laptops. However, the desktop's longevity may not last forever as cloud computing continues to grow in popularity. In addition, more advanced mobile devices have been developed that can rival desktop computers in terms of performance and features. While desktop computers may still have a place in many people's lives for now, the desktop may eventually phase out as mobile devices become more powerful and ubiquitous. With technological advancements continuing to be made at an ever-increasing pace, only time will tell how desktop computing fares over the next few years.

    The ThinkCentre neo 50q ultra-small desktop is a new product I am considering. Check out the Lenovo space at CES.

  • At work, I use a laptop for 90% of my work. I use a tablet when I go to meetings and I use my mobile phone for emails and some Microsoft Teams chats.

    I'm considering purchasing a desktop as my primary home\side-business computer. I do plan on keeping my two other laptops (Apple MacBook Pro and ThinkPad P51S). Since I do have some capable laptops, I can buy a more powerful desktop for a lower price than what I would pay for a laptop. If I did not have my existing laptops, and I would have to choose between a laptop and a desktop, I would purchase the laptop.

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    That sums it up for me pretty well.

  • I envision a time when we have our work OS on our mobile devices, then we dock our phones to the monitors and fire up the App hosting our Work PC.  Ultra-portability of the work force.  You simply dock your device, and it already had your camera, contact list, microphone, bluetooth peripherals.  Common let's get it done!