Why did you choose Lenovo?

We know you have options when it comes to your technology partners and we are so thankful everyday that you chose to go with us! 

But why? Why did you choose Lenovo? Please comment below! 

  • I chose Lenovo because they are the only company that had hardware that met our very specific needs for laptops. We use convertibles for charting, the nurses hold them and write on them just like you would a paper chart.  We were using Fujitsu Lifebooks and they worked fine, but there are heavy.  I started looking for a lighter 2 in1, put I had to have some with a pen garage.  Several companies had computers that met all of our needs except for the pen garage.  I bought a couple of Thinkpad Yoga's to give them a try and we never looked back.  I now have around 60 Yoga's over varying models and the nurses like the light weight.  They miss the all day battery of the lifebooks that had dual batteries, but they have to choose between light weight or more charge.  My newest lifebook is about 5 years old if that gives you an idea of what they went with.   

  • Lenovo has been a major player for a very long time and has a tradition of excellence, durability, and performance.

  • Lenovo and other vendors who have trusted names in the world of technology, and when it comes to choosing a partner for your business, you can't go wrong with either choice. So why Lenovo? Lenovo is a global leader in innovative technology, and their products are used by businesses of all sizes around the world. Lenovo offers a wide range of products, from laptops and PCs to servers and storage solutions, and their team provides the best possible service to their customers. Lenovo also has a strong focus on security, which is essential for businesses that need to protect their data. When you choose Lenovo as your technology partner, you can be confident that you're making a choice that will help your business succeed. I rely on the support teams throughout the company anywhere from solutions, to accessories, advice and the awesome Lenovo Pro community. I feel great that I am buying a product that will last a long time. 

  • Simply based on reputation.  I'd never owned a Lenovo, or even known anyone that did.  However, I'd always heard they made good products.  Finally, my research paid off.  Couldn't be happier with the products.

  • I think it was more like Lenovo chose me :) When i started at the IT company where I work that was primary what they used and sold so I naturally started using Lenovo as well and they have worked very well for me

  • I originally chose Lenovo because I was looking for a high end laptop for an upgrade for one of my employees.  I purchased an IdeaPad and really like the quality, look, and feel.  Then I realized there was the ThinkPad and ThinkBook with Windows Pro pre-installed, so I started purchasing those for our employees.

  • I initially chose Lenovo because my dad used IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads for work and when I went to get my first laptop it was close to the top of my short list. I found a model which suited me and my budget at the time, and I enjoyed it so much I purchased a newer model in 2014 and am looking to order another in the next week or so!

    I chose to stick with Lenovo for business because I've become so accustomed to it (especially the TrackPoint, which I cannot live without!) and perfer it to most other laptop brands. ThinkPads are still durable and realiable as ever, and I'm sure to make the most of my upcoming purchase for many more years to come.

  • Lenovo has always made a good quality product with the best features out there.

  • When I started buying computers for our organization, I was inclined to buy Dell. But my very first purchase with them was a disaster that resulted in two on-site service calls and eventually replacing the machine. I started buying from Lenovo and haven't had any serious issues so far. 

  • I've been using Lenovo since they were part of IBM.  My first ThinkPad laptop was a 486-DX100 with scissor-expanding keyboard.  My oldest still-in-use Lenovo is a ThinkCentre M91 circa 2010.

    My experience with Lenovo hasn't been perfect, but there is no vendor that meets that mark.  Human made = mistakes.  But, I've had far better luck with Lenovo than other brands which is why it is still my primary brand.