Is anyone going to Lenovo Tech World ’22 ?

I received the email about this. 

Join us at Lenovo Tech World ’22 to hear from Lenovo’s leaders, global CEOs at the forefront of their industries, and world-class experts on these changes and more. We’ll be showcasing new technologies designed for this reality—technologies to inspire change that matters.

Tech World ’22: October 18

Experience keynotes and in-depth sessions focused on Lenovo’s most impactful innovations.

More information about the event agenda, featured speakers, and registration is coming soon!

Sounds Fun!!
  • Hey Is anyone going to Lenovo Tech World ’22 ? ! I just set up a community meet-up day of to chat and connect on Tech World. 

    But tell me - would you rather meet up day before, day of, or day after the event? I set it up for day of, midday EST. Happy to change based on interest and availability! 

  • I'm interested and either of the three dates works for me. This would be fun

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