Any Spiceheads out there going to SpiceWorld in Austin?

I know Lenovo has had a very big presence at the annual Spiceworks User Conference (SpiceWorld!) in Austin Tx in the past.

Curious if anyone in this community is also over in the SPiceworks community, and if you're going to Spiceworld this year now that they are having it in-person again.

For those of you that don't know, Spiceworks offers lots of free IT Tools and an amazing community. I've used their free helpdesk and inventory software in our environment since 2007.

I also met fellow Lenovo community member  there IRL!

So....are you Spicy?

  • Was never at the event, but have used the community several times for some wordpress and php questions

  • Sounds interesting.  What type of topics will they have at the event this year?

  • Agenda and details here:

    They are also hosting it virtually, so if you can;t make it to Austin, you can still benefit form the content!

  • Yup, I signed up for the virtual, look like a great event

  • Unfortunately, I cannot attend in person this year. I will attend virtually. It's a great conference and probably one of the least expensive IT conferences (registration fee)

    Several years back, I spoke to the Lenovo guys in the vendor area, and from that, I've decided to switch us from HP & Dell servers to Lenovo servers. Attending in-person is great, because you get the interactions and hands-on with the products, and build relationships and friendships with the people you meet.

  • I also just mentioned in the VMWare Explore thread, but if anyone is interested in doing a virtual meet-up to chat about things from the events, let me know and I am happy to get something together for us! Slight smile