Favorite Lenovo Ad or Campaign

Do you have a favorite or most-memorable Lenovo ad or campaign?

If you can't recall something specific, do you have a favorite value or message that you love most about Lenovo and LenovoPRO?

Please share below! 

  • WHAT?! You were in a Lenovo commercial/ad campaign? You too   Ahh! I can't see the first two links - but it's called IT Stories from the Field?! I must find it!!

  • Which one is that?! 

  • You sure are!! That was so much fun! I'm bummed they either took them down or moved them from the original links i had. Links used to work a few years ago. Hopefully  can see if they are still out there somewhere....

  • I'll try. I didn't find too much after an initial search, but I can dig deeper! Do you know when they were created? Do you know for what product?  

  • I never new that.  One more reason to keep purchasing Lenovo for our business. Slight smile

  •  They were for the T-Series Laptops and I think we made them at SpiceWorld in the fall of 2015.  does that sound right? 

    I'm an email packrat, so here's what Spiceworks sent when they requested me:

    Hi Chris!

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you! I saw you were heading to SpiceWorld in September and wanted to see if you would be interested in being a part of a video we’re filming there. We’re looking for some current Lenovo customers to be a part of our testimonial video to tell us what they think about the product and how it’s being used at their company. All you’d have to do is come hang out with the Spiceworks crew for a bit at SpiceWorld (we’ll figure out timing to work with your schedule!) and talk to us about how you use Lenovo at your company if you are a current user.

  • That's a long time ago but it looks right. We did film it at SpiceWorld. I remember one of the guys there said one of his staff tossed a ThinkPad at the Rhino that was chasing after him.

  • LOL this is amazing   and   I will look into it with this extra info and see if there is anything I can find! Slight smile