Favorite Lenovo Ad or Campaign

Do you have a favorite or most-memorable Lenovo ad or campaign?

If you can't recall something specific, do you have a favorite value or message that you love most about Lenovo and LenovoPRO?

Please share below! 

  • A 10 year cycle would drastically cut down on waste and landfill usage.  

  •     This made me fall in LOVE. My Lenovos have been through a lot with me.

  • Neat! I like the floating letters prompting thoughts of future possibilities. Slight smile

  • I like Lenovo Pro community.  It has a lot of discussions.

  • Wow! This is awesome. I hadn't seen this one before. I love the epic music!! 

  • Yay! Love to hear that!

  • How about this one from 1998...

  • Oh my goodness. This is priceless!!!!!!!! Oh the music. It is so cheesy and wow. This is great. 

  • Chris,

    I think I'm in one of those videos with you.