Favorite Lenovo Ad or Campaign

Do you have a favorite or most-memorable Lenovo ad or campaign?

If you can't recall something specific, do you have a favorite value or message that you love most about Lenovo and LenovoPRO?

Please share below! 

  • There are three values with Lenovo that catch my attention:

    1. High quality material: carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium (light/strong)

    2. Innovative design: different products with different use-cases/configurations

    3. Designed towards repair: the ability to remove/replace components 

    Most technology has a 5-year life-cycle, however imagine a world improvement if we can extend this to 10-years, while maintaining relevance, utility, and quality.

  • I don't remember the details of the campaign, but the naming of the Yoga line was brilliant.  As soon as I saw the name the association with flexibility stuck.  

  • I totally agree!! Good call. Well named products and services go a long way and achieve multiple purposes!

  • Ooo, this is awesome Jason. So nicely outlined key values. Amazing. 

  • The Yoga one ! Colorful, fresh and that was the first time I saw a laptop that can be turned 360• . It was shown like a kind of « liberty » !

  • I saw a list of the top computer manufacturer brands rated by how helpful their tech support was, and Lenovo was rated highest.

  • I agree the Yoga model fits its name very well

  • Jason J really said it all.  A campaign that focuses on those factors and informs the consumer on why these are important would be the best.

  • It may seem a bit fringe, but I link how the Think lines all incorporate compounded words to create and describe themselves and their features: ThinkPad, ThinkBook, ThinkCentre, ThinkVision, TrackPad, TrackPoint...