New avatars alert!

The LenovoPRO team has recently updated the available community avatars (Thank you to our amazing designer Nick!). 

Want to try one out? Pick from a new and revised selection of avatars or upload your own.

Navigate to your profile by hovering over the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand side of your screen and select "Profile":

Look to the right-hand side and click the "Edit Profile" button: 

Navigate to your Profile image and click "Change": 

Click "Select" and browse the available options. Alternatively, click "Upload" to grab a local file from your desktop!

  • Am I the only person seeing the voting options in German?

    Was halten Sie davon? Gefallen Ihnen die neuen Optionen?

    • Ja, sehr
    • Bin mir noch nicht sicher
    • Nein
  • That's interesting! Any idea why it was showing that way? I've noticed that my pages display in Japanese when I pop over to the Japanese LenovoPRO SMB community until I edit the URL to jump back to the U.S. community. Wonder if this is something similar.

  • Not sure - I think every now and then part of the language changes with the user. So if myself or one of my counterparts pops in or out, it can sometimes leave traces of the language behind - ie German or Japanese. Might have happened here?! 

  • Maybe it's .... just .... Lenovo's way of encouraging us to learn a random new language?

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