New avatars alert!

The LenovoPRO team has recently updated the available community avatars (Thank you to our amazing designer Nick!). 

Want to try one out? Pick from a new and revised selection of avatars or upload your own.

Navigate to your profile by hovering over the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand side of your screen and select "Profile":

Look to the right-hand side and click the "Edit Profile" button: 

Navigate to your Profile image and click "Change": 

Click "Select" and browse the available options. Alternatively, click "Upload" to grab a local file from your desktop!

  • I wish there was a way to have more than one (or one like a small badge on the other?) - these look like fun!

  • Those are fun, I'd love to see a Blockchain inspired option Slight smile

  • Like rotating? Or one overlaying the other?

  • Ooo very nice idea! Have any visuals for inspiration? You never know what might pop up!

  • Hmm, I had not considered rotating. I think I was thinking a smaller one overlaying a larger, main one. But either would work!

  • Am I the only person seeing the voting options in German?

    Was halten Sie davon? Gefallen Ihnen die neuen Optionen?

    • Ja, sehr
    • Bin mir noch nicht sicher
    • Nein